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You can immediately start diagnosis of the patient with the x-ray image after you expose the x-ray.

It is one of the leading advantages of digital radiography that you can aquire accurate information on the bones and extremities wth out any special techniques.

As it's digital has a wide range of grayscale ther is an ease of adjusting the brightness and contrast for better and futher diagnosis.



Benefits of Flexible image acquisition

Integration of various flat panels and cr systems by different manufacturers

Option to connect up to 3 flat panels

Automatic exposure control and Anatomical programmed Radiography allow the user to automatically adjust all x-ray options for each projection with an option to subsquently edit the image manually

Image Processing

Perfect images at all times

integration software for automatic image optimisation

profesional adaptable image processing for each individual examination to obtain bes possible image settings for the needs of each customer

Bones and soft tissue in one image - this enables the user to significantly improve this diagnosis

Details of bones and microstructures are very easy to recognise

noise suppression

black mask (Automatic Shutters)

Automatic removal of grid lines whe using fixed grids


Easy and Instant Diagnosis


Ata Case
Composite Exterior Panel construcion
Roller Wheels
Telescopic Pull Handle
Storage for Plate and Laptop
Additional Storage for Media and Accesories

Eros Case


Display: 17.3" FHD Glossy (1920 x 1080)
Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro FX2800
CPU: Intel Core i5 540
RAM: 4096 MB DDR3 1333Mhz
HD: 2 x 320GB 7200RPM Sata, RAID 1 (mirrored)
CD: Super Multi DVD+R/RW / CDRW
Wireless: Built in "n" Wifi & Bluetooth

Eros Laptop

Digital Detector

17" x 17" (43 x 43cm) High Resolution DR Imager
3.6 ip/mm Spatial Resolution
< 14 Bit A/D image Acquisiton

Eros Plate



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