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Better images and a larger detector Area, with 50% higher sensitivity than older designs. A sleeker design driven by award winning Genesis 19” equivalent touchscreen software, DICOM Conformance, and the industry’s gold standard UnoVu Multi-Frequency Image Tuning Algorithms.

It’s all here. It is Genesis. Simply connect your traditional x-ray generator to Genesis upgrade system, and experience the best images in the world… from Cuattro, the undisputed industry leading innovators.


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Image Detector

ultra-thin portable flat panel digital radiography detector, for high detail and sensitivity across all patient populations and all system configurations.

This highly sensitive system delivers clear,clean signals to CloudDR’s advanced software in 1 second, resulting in perfectly tuned images in all densities, virtually eliminating technical exposure errors common with film and budget CR solutions. The generous 14 x 17 inch imaging area in an industry leading, rugged, yet thin portable form factor makes this new detector the best choice for portability, imaging speed, and long term durability.

For installations requiring the advantages of flat panel digital radiography in both table and upright x-ray system configurations, the system includes an easy to connect docking interface for simple, one-connect use in multiple locations and x-ray systems, making this the ideal solution for rapidly capturing and instantly displaying superior images in general, orthopedic, emergency, neo-natal, portable and specialty hospitals.



Genesis Features:
• 14 bit Multifrequency Tuning
• Auto-technique based on View and Anatomy
• Digital Detector, Power supply, Cable storage
and Touchscreen ALL incorporated
• Image Storage Capacity - 5,000 images
• Intuitive All Touchscreen Interface
• Instant Review of Image on Touchscreen
• Large Format Image Review Area
• One Touch Full Screen Mode
• Auto Adaptive LUT for perfect exposure
• WiFi Wireless Export Capable
• Zoom, Pan, Window/Level, Rotate,
Flip, Retake with a Touch
• DICOM 3.0 WG25 Veterinary Compliant
• DICOM, JPEG, TIFF export to USB, DVD, CD
• Automated database management
• Worlwide Multi- Language Support
• Online Diagnostics and Service
• Turbo Mode Acquisition
• eSeries™ Protocols


Eros Case

is a new, better, and affordable
direction in digital radiography. CloudDR
combines the traditional benefits of digital
radiography with the endless advantages of
cloud computing, in a same-day retrofit or as
part of one of our complete devices. With
Genesis, instant, perfect studies are completed
and effortlessly.


Genesis Acquisition




    Copyright © Reliant medical 1999-2014