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Rpacs Capture

While going digital and switching to PACS, many hospitals or imaging centers are faced with medical devices without DICOM connectivity or costly DICOM interfaces respectively. In order to solve this issue, we have developed two different solutions to capture any video signal to DICOM – Rpacs-CAPTURE and Rpacs CAPTURE PRO.

The implementation is easy and fast. An authorized dealer connects a loop through the video monitor to the capture hardware, which is plugged into a standard Microsoft Windows compatible PC. Medical operators can easily capture any images using the iQ-VIEW PRO software with the included foot switch or the computer mouse. Demographic data of the captured images can either be entered manually, copied from existing data or requested from a DICOM MODALITY WORKLIST source.

Capture is an optinal hardware package for RPACS PRO. With RPACS Capture the Rpacs PRO user is able to capture single medical images or sequences from video sources including cameras, microscopes, graphics cards or VCR's

Rpacs Capture

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