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RPACS MYO offers you all the features you need for your heart analysis. You may preview your recorded nuclear sequences, choose various filters and projections if desired or complete a full cardiac
reconstruction in less than 10 seconds even
automatically! The heart axis will be
automatically detected based on a cluster analysis
and following this an automatic assessment of
the ventricle’s geometry occurs. The values suggested
by Rpacs /MYO can be modified if desired.

The system provides you with real values for
defective areas, information about ventricle volumes,
the left ventricular function, sum scores, as well
as normative comparisons.

It is possible to individually customize the
result screens to a format that you are familiar
with from your existing software applications.

RPACS MYO furthermore represents a tool for the
simple creation and management of a normals group. Users have the option to utilize all the tools related to normals groups for the evaluation of patient data. Due to the interactive user interface, work tasks become significantly easier and quicker to complete. RPACS MYO is fully compliant with the DICOM 3.0 standard and can therefore be easily integrated into your local PACS.



Rpacs MYO


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