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It includes easy-to-use tools for cardiac, thyroid, renal, esophageal, pulmonary, brain and bone analysis. Furthermore, the module provides the opportunity to check if your gamma camera meets the requirements of the quality standards for quality control purposes.*

The results given by the software are based on scientifically validated algorithms. You may view them as individual images, 3D representations or animated sequences. Compared to a plain image print, RPACS NUC gives you a great advantage as the toolset allows you to use all the additional information provided in the cine and extended data. Usually, the reconstruction process only takes a few seconds.

Rpacs Nuc

By using RPACS NUC you can become independent from your usual working environment. You can do your nuclear image reconstruction based on the original image data wherever is convenient for you – at work or at home, using your laptop or PC. All our RPACS products are developed for Microsoft Windows® operating systems and can therefore be easily integrated into your computer. Of course, you may customize the results screen according to your needs and make use of the integrated print function.

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