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The RPACS Ortho module offers orthopedic surgeons in a filmless environment a quick and accurate templating solution, integrated into an orthopedic PACS. The whole templating process can be done quickly and easily in four steps – doing the scaling, planning, templating and reporting. The module supports all major joints from more than 30 joint manufactures and over 1000 international templates.

Ortho offers the possibility to upgrade templates for free within 12 months after activation and to integrate those templates into the template selection overview.





planning and scaling

Anatomical measurement wizards like: Hilgenreiner´s Line, Perkins Line Acetabular Angle, Iliac Angle, Centre Edge Angle, Reimer Migration Index, Trans-Teardrop Line, Sharp´s Angle, Cobb Angle... and more

One-click scaling for quick and accurate calibration Support of radiographic markers

Enhanced scoliosis assessment tools, incl. measure Vertebral Centroid Sagittal Balance, Apical Vertebral Translation, Coronal Balance, Thoracic and Lumbar Curves and Sagittal Alignment (Kyphosis)

Enhanced limb deformity correction module


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