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This function is especially important for orthopedic and veterinary images, where the original objects exceed the size that can be captured with one single CR cassette. By using RPACS-STITCH, two to even five images can be stitched in one single process.

RPACS-STITCH is the ideal tool to merge several related radiographies to one image.

RPACS-STITCH is extremely easy to use. Thanks to its Stitching-Wizard, operators can execute the stitching process in just five easy steps:

1. Order the sequence
2. Rotate and/or flip
3. Stitch
4. Type in the image information
5. Releasing and saving the stitched image

RPACS-STITCH works with every X-ray
vendor and can be used as a standalone
application with any PACS, or
rather, as an integrated tool of RPACSVIEW
(Version 2.6 or higher) or the
RPACS-CR ACE acquisition station.


-Import and Export as DICOM files
-Any grayscale images(Monochrome1 or Monochrome 2) with a grey depth between 8 and 16 bit
-Import compressed and uncompressed images
-Export uncompressed images as little endian implicit or explicit
-Support of any X-ray modality (e.g. CR, DR, XA, XS)
-Support of any image size




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