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VET-WEBX is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution for storing, viewing and distributing any veterinary imaging study or report. Being a complete solution, VET-WEBX consists of several applications in only one package:

The VET-WEBX archive stores up to 500 million images in one database on a local or network-attached storage device. Image storage, query and retrieval, forwarding, printing and DICOM-formatted media inter- VET-WEBX is a PACS especially designed for veterinarians, which conveniently manages imaging, archiving and distributing with a web-based interface. change is enabled by the DICOM server.

The integrated web server allows the web-based distribution of any veterinary images and reports to an unlimited number of web users. It is even possible to query other DICOM archives. Thanks to the innovative feature EasyVET, vets maintain the overview of all studies. Therefore, they can easily search and filter the database individually to quickly find the required studies.

The online viewer is a powerful plugin for browsing, reading and processing DICOM images through almost every network. It provides an interactive diagnostic web viewer with all clinically required image processing features like measurements, stack mode, cine mode, comparison of studies and cutting lines. All available veterinary tags may be displayed. VET-X allows the preloading of additional series in the background while concurrently viewing other images.




VET-WEBX Special Features

Licensing: Depending on the user’s
needs, VET-WEBX is available in different configurations: It can be ordered with or without the VET-X web viewer and with different numbers of connected DICOM nodes, e.g. supporting 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 or even an unlimited number of DICOM nodes (application entities). The VET-X web viewer is available to an unlimited number of users and concurrent users.

Web-based administration: Allows proper configuration, adaptation and quality monitoring of the system for easy user management.

Privacy: Referring vets may log into the system to review only their own cases. The chief physician, of course, has access to the entire patient database. By using the Shared Archive feature, it is possible to share imaging data with other veterinarians in compliance with data protection regulations.

Patient reconciliation (optional): All stored studies can be verified with a DICOM WORKLIST and optionally with HL7 messages. Study data can automatically be corrected in an IHE compatible protocol to ensure consistent image data in the archive. DIC OM print: Images can be printed from any web client on a remote DICOM imager. Email notification: Once a new study or report is ready for viewing, the referring vet is automatically alerted via email or SMS (*only possible by using a 3rd party mail2SMS gateway service with additional costs).




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