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Reliant Medical prides itself in providing cost effective quality MRI, DR, PACS & CT solution, specializing in turnkey diagnostic sites, bringing integrity and experience to Diagnostic Imaging. We have two locations to service our clients, Florida and Georgia which is a 50,000 sq foot facility to store parts, refurbish trailers and provide leasing for new and used products.

Reliant Medical has an extensive parts department with same day service that ships nationwide. The company servicesinclude installation,de-installation, and maintenance of medical equipment specializing in MRI’s and CT’s.

Reliant Medical provides complete refurbishment to Mobile Trailers with complete makeover including exterior and interior upgrades. We now offer the option of leasing for our Mobile MRI’s and CT equipment. Our commitment to service has increased our customer base from South Eastern US to Nationwide and Worldwide.

Our family of engineers includes:

  • Over 200 years of experience in the MRI/CT field and provides diagnostic centers with the highest level of service

  • Repair, service, inspect and maintains all diagnostic imaging systems with a high degree of reliability

  • Calibrates equipment and identifies all issues to manufactures


  • Developed special patented RF Shielding and installation technology that withstands corrosion, the leading cause of RF leaks



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