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Aurora LP system has been designed as a
world-class direct digital imaging systems for use in hospital emergency departments, traumatology and all general radiology applications.

The C-arm desing maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and image receptor, regardless of C-arm tilt positions or image receptor angle. Its extraordinary flexibility makes the system ideal for all
patients in standing, sitting or laying position, including those who are disabled or physically restricted.

All system movements are motorized.

Aurora LP C-arm design accommodates cross-table for easy patient positioning. With the patient table the patient can be moved into any required position without the need for repositioning.

Aurora LP


Aurora LP provides a variable source to
image distance (SID) of 100 to 180 cm (40”-72”) to acommodate a range of radiographic studies.

The x-ray tube assembly can be easly moved from 100 to 180 cm (40”-72”) at any C-arm angle position, by using the operator hand control.


Nova Diagram

Advantages of digital radiography

-Faster exam times, resulting in more patient throughput and increased productivity.
-Greater visualization of soft tissue and bone from the same study.
-exposure (wide dynamic range).
-Significant reduction in repeat patient exposures.



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