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The new NOVA is a heavy-duty X-Ray Tube Overhead Support System characterized by its simple and functional design.

With its new light weight design, the NOVA guarantees highly precise positioning for an optimal radiographic result.

Thanks to its vertical and horizontal displacements, the NOVA can cover almost all the volume of the room in
which it is installed.

The new NOVA support system can operate on an horizontal or vertical bucky, or be installed with an elevating table.
NOVA X-Ray tube o overhead support system Nova

The NOVA consists of:

Ceiling Rail System
It is made up of aluminium fi xed rails
(assembled in the ceiling) and of a bridge that moves longitudinally along the rails.

Longitudinal rail lengths range from 3358 mm. (132.20”) to 6000 mm. (234.0”) in steps of 660.4 mm (26”).

Transversally, the rails are from 2000 mm. (78.0”) to 3000 mm. (135.82”) in steps of 250 mm (9.8”) and with longer rails of 3490 mm (137.4”).

The bridge movement along the rails is controlled by an electric brake (coil and/or motor). In the absence of feeding voltage, the movement is free.

The maximum transversal travel is 2391.5 mm. (94.15”) and the maximum longitudinal travel is 4765 mm. (187.60”).

Telescopic Column
The telescopic column allows the tube vertical track (VERT). Its movement is either motorized for standard suspensions or assisted motorized in automatic configurations.

The vertical travel is 1600 mm. (62.99”).
The minimum distance Focus-Ceiling is 715 mm. (28.15”) and the maximum distance is 2335 mm. (91.93”).

Tube Support and Tube
The tube and collimator assembly can turn around the column vertical axis 180º in each direction, (horizontal rotation). It has detents every 45º. Depending on the model
they can be automatic or mechanical detents.
Also, it allows ± 135º its short axis (vertical rotation). Detents
every 45º.


Nova DiagramThe NOVA is available with the following suspension options:


In this model, the angulation and rotation brakes, or locks, are electromagnetic, and remain ON even when the system is OFF. The electromagnetic longitudinal and transversal locks remain ON only when the system is ON. The vertical axis operates with a motor that expands or contracts the telescopic column and at the same time, carries out blocking functions.


The same as the manual suspension but it also allows an automatic alignment of the tube with the elevating table or vertical bucky detector.


In this model, the suspension can be used either in automatic or manual mode. In the automatic mode it has the following features:

• Autocentering with vertical bucky or table at a confi gurable SID.

• Dynamic autotracking in all the degrees of freedom (DOF).

• Autopositioning with vertical bucky or table, including oblique positions.

• Remote control from other device (ex. Generator)



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