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As an integral system, RPACS-RIS covers the whole radiological process from the front desk through the device work-list management to the creation of reports and image management.

RPACS-RIS offers the most appropriate
tools in every case. RPACS-RIScontains a comprehensive, dynamic and easy-to-use calendar optimized for the management of patient

The proper management of patient histories, external documents or any patient associated data can easily be done with the included electronic medical record system.

It allows the accurate storage of any data like patient visits or medications in any audiovisual
format. Doctors may dictate reports digitally and transmit dictations to local or remote typists, use voice recognition systems or benefit from the innovative structured report assistant. RPACS-RIS supports various report formats like
DICOM structured reports, XML or the
classic MS Office Word format.


Aurora Aurora

The user management ensures easy administration of user rights as well as HIPAA compliant access levels. The RPACS-RIS database comes with an extended structure consisting of three modules for system data, master data
and dynamic data.

It is therefore possible to run big multi center RIS networks with an excellent system performance.

Aurora S


There is also an optional tool called Speech Technology Processing (STP) to interface with a transcription
service provider to outsource the whole transcription and report distribution process.

The billing tool offers all required features to write
individual invoices and to transfer them on paper or electronically to the insured persons or insurance
companies. RPACS-RIS can be integrated with most PACS systems available on the market.

The user management ensures easy administration of user rights as well as HIPAA compliant access levels.

Creating reports has never been that fast and easy!
The billing tool supports codes and specific invoicing requirements for the United States, Australia, Switzerland and numerous other countries.

The flexible multidimensional database can easily be adapted to new requirements.




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