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Sonoma is mobile X-ray unit that covers, with a wide range of models, all the specific needs for andy radiographic examination at the patient's bed, first aid and emergency, orthopaedics, paediatric, and operating theatre.

The cordless easy moving battery powered version combines the "stand alone" feature for exposures with battery - assisted motor-drive for the greatest easy in imaging.

precise Positioning

The sonoma unit can be slightly moved fordward or backward by pressing the drive controls located in the upper side of the handles. X-ray exposures are inhibited during movement.

Easy to read display of x-ray process status in large letters, with user friendly operation panel

Anatomical Programs

In addiction to the two technique (One-Point Technique also available via (A.E.C), Easy Moving is equipped with anatomic programs that can be customized by the user, for a total of 492 different types of exams

X-Ray imaging conditions can be set by simply choosing a target region, image view and body thickness.

-6 Regions
-6 Types of Thickness (Small, Medium, and Large sizes for both Paediatric

Nova Diagram
X-ray tube Rotation

The counterbalance system enebles accurate positioning with smooth operation

Anticollision System

When the sensor on the front bumper senses any slight pressure the Sonoma unit stops automatically.

The X-ray exposure can be made remotely to minimize the operator's exposure to scatter radiation.



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